Price: $9,800

State: Nevada
City: Spring Creek
Zip code: 89815
Type: Animals

Belllabeehancock, AQHA 6 yr old. horses don't come better than this! This mare is Huge standing at 16.3 hands, with huge bone, wearing a size 2 shoe. A gentle giant with athleticism. This big girl has the temperament of a gelding with the drive of a mare. She is fast! But wants to stop, will sit like a small horse in her stop, she is great at grabbing gears when asked and shutting right back down to a slow lope whenever you ask. Low beautiful headset, and rocking horse walk, trot and lope that cover ground. She's already got a super soft poll, and moves of your legs beautifully. The start of a correct turnaround, and I have taken her to several arenas where she works the same no matter the new place. She's a dream to trail ride through the mountains, and has been introduced to guns, tarps, plastic bags ect ect. I have swung ropes off her, pulled logs, and have been taking her to barrel races where she's use to the sights and sounds, this mare doesn't mind much. I have started her on the barrel pattern, and firmly believe she will be super awesome on them, and if she doesn't sell I'll happily continue her in that direction. But I felt I needed to offer for sale since she's so nice she might be more happy in a ranch, work style home! I can't say enough about this mare, she's so nice. She will only go to a GREAT home.